My in-flight essentials

DSC00804I am writing this from Cambodia after having endured a long haul flight and stopover in Bangkok. It occurred to me that without my army of things that I put together for my flight, the length of time stuck in my seat would be a lot less bearable. As you can tell I’m not a huge fan of flying.

So I’ve put together all of my little comforts  in hope that it might help you too. These include a mix of beauty products (of course) and other essentials too.

DSC00805My skin hates flying as much as I do. The air conditioning seems to suck all the life and moisture out of it. I don’t go as far as Lisa Eldridge does with face masks… but I do like to make a bit of an effort to keep it happy. Before stepping on to the plane I wash my face. And yes I am armed with a flannel in a public bathroom. I use my beloved Bioderma micellar solution to remove my eye makeup and then I work a cleanser into my skin before rinsing and wiping it off with a wet flannel. I then make sure I apply plenty of moisturiser and lip balm to work as a barrier to the evil plane air conditioning, before stepping back out into the airport with a bare, shiny face (slightly daunting but actually quite liberating). I decanted all my favourite products into the handy mini bottles and pots from Muji so that I don’t have to part with anything at airport security.

DSC00818So I’m a bit of a germophobe and the idea of being stuck in close proximity of people, some coughing and sneezing all over the place (there’s always one), is terrifying to me. I also religiously apply moisturiser and lip balm frequently so I don’t want dirty hands all over my face. I always have wipes, tissues and hand sanitiser nearby. I tend to have two types of wipes with me, some for my hands and others for my face (those are for emergency situations-I have a deep hatred for face wipes, long live the flannel!). I try to have hand gel that smells nice, the Body Shop mango one smells lovely, here’s a mention for the Soap & Glory one too.

DSC00821So this is pretty self-explanatory. We all brush our teeth in the morning and before bed right? So why should we skip this just because we’re on a plane? Keep it fresh people!

DSC00825There’s nothing worse than feeling unwell on a flight. I always have paracetamol on standby and my trustee Otrivine to unblock my nose if needed.

DSC00824I tend to keep my hair up during the whole flight but I want to give it a quick spruce up before rejoining civilisation. Step in the Tangle Teezer and dry shampoo, I love this mini COLAB one. Good as new!

DSC00806Although it’s pretty inevitable to look a bit worse for wear after a long flight, I try to make myself look more human. There’s no way that I would do a a full face of makeup so I stick to the bare essentials: concealer, mascara, blush and eyebrow gel. Job done.

DSC00829I hate searching through a big Mary Poppins bag when I’m in a confined space, so I like to separate everything out so that it’s easy to find. These lovely pink flowery ones from Louise Loubatieres also put a smile on my face.

Now for the non beauty related essentials.

DSC00834WATER. Drink it, lots of it. Your skin will thank you for it.

DSC00793Long haul flights can get boring and there’s only so many movies you can watch in a row (I’m one of those people who can’t sleep on a plane – please tell me your secret). I make sure that I have my headphones to listen to music and cancel out that plane noise. I also arm myself with a magazine and a book. So long boredom!

So there you have it, how I survive a long flight.

What can’t you live without on a plane?

Little Miss Plumful





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