IMG_2397Yesterday I went to a charming little pop up shop in the heart of East London. I was particularly excited to find out more about these vegan skincare products.

I had sadly missed their launch party last weekend, but the brand’s founder Antonio was there to greet me with a warm welcome. He talked me through the products and the brand’s ethos.
It was lovely to hear about how the brand is very aware about their environmental impact. They only use recycled packaging and keep this to the bare minimum. They’re also against animal testing.
Now for the products – Antonio described them as vegan food for your face. They only use natural ingredients and stay well clear of all the ‘nasties’ that you find in many skincare products nowadays. Many of us, including myself, pile masses of chemicals on to our skin day in and day out. It was nice to reflect on this and maybe reconsider some of the products that I use, switching to more natural products like these.
          IMG_2420 DSC02175
          IMG_2417 IMG_2414
 Stvdio 5 have a range of products ranging from soap, candles and even bath bombs.
All of the products are handmade and it’s clear that they have paid great attention to detail. Shaped like cupcakes, chocolate bars and slices of cake – the range looks good enough to eat!
Stvdio 5 have a pop up store in Old Street station for this week only. So if you’re in London I would strongly advise you to pop into their store to check out all of their goodies.
Thank you to Antonio for his great hospitality and for creating such wonderful skin treats!
Do you know any other vegan skincare brands?
Little Miss Plumful

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