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I’ve always been sceptical about supplements until I actually started taking them properly. I’ve had so many compliments about how shiny my hair is recently and the only thing I can put it down to are the little blue gummy bear vitamins from Sugarbear Hair. Not only are they super easy to take everyday (they literally taste like sweets), but in just two weeks I’ve seen a real improvement to the condition of my hair.
Since cutting out meat from my diet I’ve been struggling with fatigue. When I mentioned this on my instagram stories, so many of you recommended that I take vitamin B12. I headed into Holland and Barrett and after being completely overwhelmed by the many rows full of every possible vitamin you could ever need, I opted  for the no-fuss one a day vegan multivitamin.
I’ve also been taking supplements for my skin from the Advanced Nutrition Programme. Along with acne laser treatment and a change in my diet, I really think that these pills have had an impact on clearing away my acne. Together the Skin Accumax, Skin Vitality 1 and Skin Omegas + pills contain a combination of vitamins aimed at maintaining healthys kin including Vitamins A & C, Omegas 3 & 6, Biotin, Selenium and Zinc.
I still struggle to swallow all of these everyday as I absolutely hate taking pills, but if it means healthy hair and skin I’m all for it!
What supplements have you incorporated into your lifestyle?
Little Miss Plumful

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