New Makeup Treats: Mac Peaches Blush & Chili Lipstick

DSC02531I recently popped into the new MAC store in Carnaby Street, as you do… First of all, let me just say how lovely and spacious the store is. There are lots of makeup stations so you can try on a million lippies without being pushed out of the way. I usually go to the Spitalfields store to avoid the West End crowd, but this may just be my new favourite MAC.

I originally went in to get the Whirl Matte lipstick. I love the Whirl lipliner and often wear it all over the lip, so thought I couldn’t go wrong with the lipstick, right? WRONG! I am so glad that I tried it on because it honestly made me look like a corpse, sucking all life and colour out of my face. I even got the lovely makeup artist to pile on some blusher to try to make it work. Alas, it was not meant to be…

However, I did manage to pick up a couple of other things that I was much more happy with. It’s impossible to go into MAC and come out with solely what you went in for… Or is that just me? DSC02537

First on my hit list was the blush in Peaches. I had been after this one for a while and when I asked her to revive my Whirl disaster face with blush, I specified that she use this one knowing that I’d fall in love with it even more. I had bought this for my sister and worn it all Summer (sharing is caring). After her departure, taking my beloved Peaches with her, I felt a blush void in my life. You just can’t live without blusher right? I usually go for a blush that has a slight bit of shimmer in it to give me that extra glow, but sometimes it’s nice to just have a natural flush to my cheeks. And that’s what this does – a hint of peachiness to my cheeks that makes me look healthy. I usually use Melba for that look but it has more of a pink tone compared to Peaches. I am so glad that I finally picked this up and it definitely made up for the disappointment with WhirlDSC02541

I could have stopped there, but of course I needed a new lipstick to go with my new blush. When I stand in front of the lipstick station in MAC, aka paradise, I often go for all of the shades that I already have (I’m on about thirty now!). This time I actively tried to pick out something that I wouldn’t normally go for and I ended up with this little beauty. Let me introduce you to Chili, the red lipstick for those who are scared of a bold red lip. Chili is a terracotta red, which makes it a lot softer than your traditional bright red lipstick. It’s a matte finish, the first matte lipstick that I’ve owned from MAC, go me! I have tended to stray away from matte with my theory that they dry out your lips, but I have been oh so wrong in depriving myself from the beautiful bright pigment that you get from a matte lipstick. I smother my lips with my beloved Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm before applying the matte lipstick and I have no problem with dryness at all. This has now opened up the world of matte lips to me, Oh Oh this could get dangerous…but so much fun! Lipstick hoarders unite!

What matte lip shades would you recommend?

Little Miss Plumful


2 Responses

  1. Megan October 22, 2015 / 11:53 pm

    I love Peaches blush! It’s my go to shade when I’m tanned during Spring and Summer! Chilli looks gorgeous, you can never go wrong with a red lip. I love your picks, I definitely need to check out Melba too. x

    Megan |

  2. Sophie November 8, 2015 / 12:51 pm

    This is such a beautiful colour! May have to add this to my wishlist!xx

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