Is this home remedy the secret to clear skin?

My sister has set me the 7-Day Turmeric challenge! I actually didn’t have much of a choice, she wouldn’t speak to me until I accepted – bully! She has suffered with acne her whole life and swears by this turmeric and honey mask. She lives in Cambodia so has had to get creative with home remedies as there is limited access to skincare out there. I have only recently discovered the frustrations of adult acne and at this point I will try anything. Although I am slightly sceptical about these homemade skincare recipes, I’ve looked into the ingredients and their benefits sound promising. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties and is also known for helping to reduce scarring and treat acne. Anti-bacterial honey is also meant to help reduce acne. I’ll apply this mask for a week and let you know how my skin feels and looks after! Watch this space…

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