Hello Purple Hair!

I have been toying with the idea of purple hair for a while. For months now, I have been using bright pink hair dye on my hair, but because it’s so dark I ended up with a slight tint of red. Mega fail. With the Cosmo Blog Awards looming, I thought it was now or never and last weekend I went for the plunge.

I had stepped into Stunt Dolly earlier this year for a quick chat with Dean, cofounder and stylist, about how I would turn my dark locks into a purple mane. The mere mention of bleach scared me off. I have never, ever, used bleach in my hair before. In fact, my hair journey starts with a hairdryer and ends with some curlers. That’s about it. All in all when it comes to my hair I am a fuss free kind of girl who gets a haircut once a year and mainly leaves hair to towel dry. Until now.IMG_7151Here’s where it all started, my dark brown unbrushed (probably unwashed) hair, slightly lighter at the ends from the aforementioned failed pink dye. IMG_7156

Step one: Bleach

This is what I was terrified of, that horrible smelling bleach that allegedly makes your hair feel like straw and strips all natural colour. I’ve got to say that having foils in wasn’t exactly the highlight of my day. It was rather awkward under all of that silver stuff, my face got sweaty and my bum went numb. Luckily the lovely team at Stunt Dolly were there to lift them off my face every once in a while so that I could come up for some air and say hello to the world. IMG_7163Step two: The Blonde Reveal

I think it’s safe to say that I should NEVER consider going blonde. It really is not a good look on me. In all honesty, at this stage I was slightly horrified at my Scarecrow appearance. I know that we had to get my hair light enough to allow for the purple to be vibrant, but as a bleach virgin, seeing all the colour sucked out of my hair was a shock. However, I knew that I was in safe hands with my incredible stylist Stef, who from the get go had said that she didn’t want to damage my hair too much. Phew.IMG_7164 Step three: The Colour Test

Stef wanted to see if my hair was light enough to pull off the colours we had chosen, so we did a test on a strip of hair to see how it would turn out. This was probably the most daunting half hour, as I sat there semi scarecrow blonde with one streak of purple dye in. Again, never go blonde Elise. Once we rinsed the dye out, we were both pleased with the colour – woohoo!IMG_7167Step three: Turn me into My Little Pony

Now is when the excitement kicked in. I had a sneak peak of what my hair was going to look like and I  couldn’t wait to get rid of the blonde and turn in a purple haired goddess. Stef brushed the Purple shade into my hair, leaving the bottom part so that we could add the pink dye. We were going for a gradient of colour. IMG_7177

Step four: Hello Purple Hair!

TADAH! Five hours later, I was left with the purple mane I had been lusting over for so long. It turned out exactly how I had wanted it to! A beautiful gradient of violet faded into a pink at the ends. Stef did an amazing job and I can’t thank her and the team enough for their hospitality during my incredibly long day in that chair.

Stunt Dolly is located in the vibrant heart of Dalston, East London. It has a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, with their dog coming over to say hello every now and again. What I particularly like about this place is that they use natural products that are gentle and avoid harsh and damaging chemical additives. Sounds like music to my ears… The whole team are friendly and accommodating, offering drinks and magazines throughout the day. I think they might have been just as excited as I was to see the end result! I will definitely be going back when I get bored of purple locks and want to go with something new.

For now, I will keep swooshing my mane and having purple showers… Purple rain, puuuurple rain (get it?).

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What do you think of my new look?

Little Miss Plumful


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  1. Trusha November 12, 2015 / 10:36 am

    wow you have purple hair! Looks great! Glad you took the plunge xx

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