Caroline Hirons, the skincare queen, first brought my attention to the wonder that is Hydraluron from Indeed Labs. I have been using the serum before applying my Avene Trixera moisturiser for over a year now and I have repurchased it many times.



The serum is clear and dries to a slightly sticky finish. It absolutely has to be followed by a moisturiser. I have very dry skin and using the serum in my skincare routine helps to keep my skin feeling moisturised all day. See what else I use in My Skin Saviours post here.


The moisture jelly is the latest offering from the Hydraluron range. As I am such a fan of the serum I just had to try the jelly. I have been using this jelly after applying the serum as a moisturiser. It applies evenly and dries to a smooth finish. I am used to applying quite a thick and oily moisturiser so this smooth dry finish was quite alien to me. My dry skin felt sufficiently moisturised which is amazing for a moisturiser that doesn’t leave my skin shining with oil. As I suffer from eczema, I have been applying my trusted Avene moisturiser on my particularly dry areas (eyelids and neck). However, I have to admit that this is more due to my lifelong routine of over moisturising these areas. Other eczema sufferers-I know you understand me! I have used the jelly without applying the Avene as well and my skin showed no sign of dryness.

All in all I think that Indeed Labs deserve a huge round of applause for creating two great moisturising products. I can safely say thank you on behalf of all of us with dry skin. Now I just have to try the moisture boosting masks!

The Hydraluron serum and moisture jelly are £24.99 each and can be purchased from Boots in the UK.


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  1. rhihawk September 9, 2014 / 6:08 pm

    Absolutely love Indeed Labs and think it’s fab that the pump on the moisture jelly gives you just enough for one usage. Nanoblur remains my favourite Indeed product though – complexion perfection!

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