When I hit the beach I want to be fully prepared. Here is my beach ready checklist complete with all the comforts to get you through a hard day of relaxing.


If I could only choose one thing to take to the beach with me it would be sun cream. I’m one of those people who religiously reapplies throughout the day, sometimes looking a bit white from being completely saturated in it (it’s fiiiiiiiiine it’ll soak in). There’s nothing worse than getting sunburnt – lobster red is not a good look. You will never find me smothering myself in any kind of oil. Yes I have seen people cooking out in the midday sun covered in baby oil, no SPF in sight, greasy enough to fry an egg on… I’d rather not be an old leather skinned lady so hand me the SPF 30 please. I always go for Garnier Ambre Solaire for my body and La Roche Posay Anthelios for my face.

Next up is water. I don’t know about you, but when it’s hot I sweat, a lot – it’s natural! So I make sure that I keep hydrated by guzzling down lots of water. It works wonders for your skin too so get drinking!
I have oddly placed dimples on the tops of my cheeks which are highly accentuated by squinting. To avoid a dodgy tan on my face I can’t live without my sunglasses. It also means you can shamelessly spy on people behind the shield of your tinted lenses. They’ll never know….
               IMG_7191 IMG_7194
Each to their own but I’m not a nudist… I love a good patterned bikini or swimsuit in the summertime, it just screams holiday to me. As much as I love the strapless tan you get from a bandeau bikini top, I’m just not a fan of the white strip you get across your chest. It really looks terrible with a low cut top… So I tend to go for the standard triangle shaped bikini tops. I love this one from Primark. When it comes to swimsuits, again I go for a more triangular deep V-neck shape and I love a low back line. It’s all about maximising those tanning areas 🙂 The pattern on this one from H&M caught my eye straight away. It also doubles as a cute top paired with denim shorts. It’s a win win situation…
I hate to admit this but I’m not a huge reader. Holidays seems to be the only time when I can make it through a whole book. I actually have the time to sit back and enjoy what I’m reading rather than having a million and one things going through my mind. As much as I love flicking through pages of an actual book, when travelling, every single kilo counts. And I’d much rather pack in an extra pair of shoes than a book. Therefore a Kindle is the way forward. I always get books wet and make all the pages wrinkly anyway. Welcome to the 21st Century Elise!
I am snap happy, especially on holiday. When around sand, I opt for my iPhone camera rather than my actual camera. I recently broke the latter when sand got lodged into the lens *cries*. It also means I can check my Instagram and other social networks whilst relaxing on the beach. Yes I post endless beach pics, sorry not sorry.
I cannot stand to have my hair all stuck to my creamy (sweaty) skin when I’m in the sun. I always have some kind of hair grip to pull it up and out of the way. Job done.
I tend to get a bit peckish. Although it might just be that I’m lying around not doing anything which somehow translates as being hungry to my body. You know what I’m talking about… I usually have some kind of snack on me. At the moment I’m in Thailand absolutely obsessing over these sweet and sour (and spicy!) tamarind treats. I’m usually happy with some crisps but when in Thailand…*opens another pack*
IMG_7188 IMG_7198
Lying in the sun, coming in and out of the sea makes you feel a bit grubby. Sometimes reapplying cream over your sweaty salty skin isn’t so appealing. I like to keep some sort of wipes on me to freshen up before reapplying. I also have a mini deodorant with me to tackle aforementioned sweatiness.
               IMG_7196 IMG_7446
Let’s face it, when on the beach you can feel slightly unglamorous all bare faced and sweaty – or is that fresh faced and glistening? So it’s nice to add a bit of glam. I love a good holiday bracelet and metallic temporary tattoos are great. I love the designs by Seekers of the Sun. They’re super easy to apply, just like those transfer tattoos we used to rock as children, you know the ones. I like to think that I’ve stepped it up a bit since then though. If it’s good enough for Beyoncé…
Lying on sand can be a messy affair. Rather than a towel that I actually never dry myself with anyway, I opt for a sarong to lie on which can double up as a cover up. Two birds, one stone. I love this one with cute pom pom trimming from Louise Loubatieres.
And of course we need something to shove all of this in – in comes the beach bag. I like one big enough to throw everything in easily without struggling. The bright tassels on this Victoria’s Secret bag add the perfect holiday touch.
Don’t forget you flip flops! Havaianas do some nice twists on standard flip flops.
TADAH! Beach sorted.
What can you not live without on the beach?
Little Miss Plumful

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