#BanTheBoring with Lancôme Matte Shaker

Last week I headed to Selfridges for the launch of Lancôme’s latest lip offering: Matte Shaker liquid lipstick. The fabulous make-up artist Fortunato Benavoli was on hand to give me the perfect pink pout. He mixed Pink Power and Yummy Pink to add a bit of dimension and ‘cheated my lips’ with lipliner for a fuller lip look (who needs lip fillers?!).

I’ve always been a fan of liquid lipsticks for those days where I want a fierce statement lip that will last. The problem I tend to have with them is the crumbling after a few hours. However, the Matte Shaker stood the test of time and I was rocking a fierce pink pout for a whopping 7 hours. And that’s just when I took it off. I’m sure it would have stayed put if I had kept the party going! I did notice a bit of staining and clinging to dry patches, but that’s pretty standard with any lip product.

I reapplied the lippie the next day straight from the bullet instead of Fortunato’s super skilled lip liner and brush technique. I didn’t quite get as impactful a look as he had managed to achieve, but I actually really liked the more muted stain it gave to my lips.

Last Summer I was a fan of the Juicy Shakers, not just because of the nostalgic smell and name that reminded me of my Juicy Tube obsessed youth, but because they were such a joy to apply and wear. Lancôme have done it again with this release. The Matte Shaker is easy to apply and really packs a punch with the range of bright pinks, reds and oranges. I hope that they release darker shades when Autumn hits so that I can continue my love affair with them.

Lancôme’s Matte Shakers are exclusively available at Selfridges for £19.50 this month and nationwide from 26th April.

What new beauty launches can I not live without?

Little Miss Plumful


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