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I have seen Bali Body‘s pretty pastel bottles all over instagram for a while now and I just NEEDED to get my hands on one. The lightweight  tanning oil promises to rejuvenate skin elasticity, lock in moisture and boost your natural production of melanin. During the London heatwave, I have moved my office to the park to top up my tan as I work. This SPF 6 oil has been giving my legs a little extra help as they are still a lot paler than the rest of my body.

Although I’m not usually a fan of  watermelon scented beauty, I was lured by the millennial pink bottle. Unlike a lot of these ‘instagram brands’ the product behind the pretty packaging actually packs a punch with a powerhouse of skin-loving ingredients. Organic watermelon seed oil stimulates the production of melanin (which is what makes your skin tan!) whilst protecting it from harmful rays. It is also rich in minerals and antioxidants to nourish and replenish the skin. Sweet Almond oil moisturises your skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines whilst Vitamin E softens your skin and blocks free radicals from slowing down the ageing process. I wouldn’t usually use a tanning oil, but with ingredients like this it would be rude not to. Bali Body is the natural way to nail that summer glow.

If watermelon isn’t your thing, try the chocolate scented cacao oil which gives your skin an instant glow or the pineapple oil that naturally repairs uneven skin tone and firms the skin. The Bali body range doesn’t just stop at tanning oils, it also offers skincare ranging from BB creams to lotions and lip balms.

Pick up your own handbag friendly bottle of Bali Body for £18.95 from

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