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I’m 28 now and with most skincare specialists advising us to start using anti-ageing products as soon as possible, I feel like I’m a bit late to the party.

Exfoliating is key to a good skincare routine at all ages. In your twenties it reduces pore size, minimises breakouts and makes your make-up last longer. In your thirties it softens the look of fine lines and brightens areas of discolouration. In your forties it softens the appearance of wrinkles, minimises hormonal breakouts and brightens areas of pigmentation and sun damage. In your fifties and beyond it reduces skin coarseness, wrinkle depth and boosts moisture content for better hydrated skin.

I’ve recently been introduced to Alpha H, experts in the art of exfoliation, resurfacing and skin renewal. This skincare brand offers targeted anti-ageing with long-lasting hydration around the clock -PERFECTO!

Their Liquid Gold has earned cult classic status and now they’re launching a limited edition version, Liquid Gold Rose. This will be available exclusively on QVC from tomorrow but as I love you all so much here’s a link to the presale (you’re welcome).

Here’s another sneak peek for you: QVC are launching Liquid Gold Rose as part of a Today’s Special Value set alongside two other hero products! It includes everything you need to  achieve the ‘Liquid Gold Look’:

Liquid Gold Rose – This resurfacing lotion improves the skin’s texture and tone, whilst reducing signs of ageing by gently exfoliating and plumping the skin. Put it on at night and it’ll do all this hard work whilst you’re asleep! As I mentioned in my TILI box review, you get a mild tingling sensation when using this but fear not, this is just the ingredients doing their job! It exfoliates dead skin and clears a path for other skincare products to penetrate more readily. Liquid Gold Rose is actually gentler than the original Liquid Gold formula making it ideal for more dehydrated, dry and sensitive skin like mine.

Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum – This high performance water-based serum helps to minimise the appearance of uneven skin tone and premature ageing whilst also helping to smooth and firm the look of your skin.

Liquid Gold 24 Hour Moisture Repair Cream –This nourishing moisturiser brightens and enhances the appearance of dry, ageing or sun-damaged skin, adding radiance and luminosity to your complexion. Goodbye lifeless skin and hello glow!

Top tips on how to use the range:

Simply alternate between using the Liquid Gold Rose and Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum each evening, followed by the Liquid Gold 24 Hour Moisture Repair Cream. For those nights when you want to supercharge your skin use the Liquid Gold Rose alone instead of following it with the cream.

The TSV price for this set of skin wonders will be around £45. Bought individually from QVC these three products would normally cost over £120! Plus it will be available on three easy-pays which means you can get your hands on it for just £15. With a deal this good it would be rude not to! As I said, the TSV only goes live on QVC tomorrow but click here for special access to the presale. 

Have you used an Alpha H products before?

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